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Create Land Agent Username
You can use this form to create a new username for the Land Agent system.
NOTE: If you already have a username from last year, click here to log on using your old username instead of creating a new one.
Land Agent Information
Enter your information:
Legal Name
ex: John Doe
SCA Name
ex: THL Jonathan The Doe
Address Line 1
ex: 205 North Loop Road
Address Line 2
ex: Math Building, Rm. 321
ex: Stony Brook
ex: NY, Ontario
Zip or Postal Code
ex: 11768, 11768-1223, NG4 HV8
ex: United States
We will be e-mailing you a test letter to make sure that you entered your e-mail address correctly as soon as you are done registering. Considering most interblock land negotiation happens via e-mail make sure you enter it correctly. AOL users make sure you place the at the end of your username.
E-mail Address
(without spaces)
ex: 2345551212

Enter a username that you will log into the system with. It can be up to 10 characters long and may consist of only upper and lowercase letters. Capitalization counts when creating a username.

ex: lordfred

Enter a password for your land account. Type it twice in both places. This is to ensure that you did not make a typographical error. Please use a combination of upper and lowercase letters and numbers when creating your password. Your password must be from 5 to 10 characters long. Remember Pennsic Staff does not need your password to change your account and will never ask for your password.

Password (first time)
Password (second time)

Enter a hint that you will be asked if you goto the "forgot password" option on the log in screen. Do not use something that people will easily guess. Do make sure that it is something that you can remember and answer correctly.

Password Hint
Password Hint Answer

Cancel Registration

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