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Land Agents' Schedule and Summary of Procedures


Timetable (all times Eastern Standard Time)

January 1
Group registration site opens
June 16
Land agents should verify all pre-registered campers with their group to find/fix errors and/or omissions
June 21
Final date to access/update information on the Group Land Registration Page
July 7
Land assignments are sent to Land Agents
July 7 — July 27
Land Agents negotiate group placement on their assigned block
July 21
Deadline for Proxy requests
Fri., July 27 (9:00 am — 11:00 pm)
Troll opens
Land Agents start checking in with the Land Office (in the Great Hall on N01). Bring your completed Camping Authorization Form and Block Map, and pick up any additional information pertinent to your block.
Land Agents may finalize block negotiations with other Land Agents from their assigned block
Land Agents from the same block with finalized block maps may assemble as a group and complete the Land Grab process
Sat., July 28 (8:00 am — 10:00 am)
Land Office open for LATE ARRIVAL Land Agents to check in. Bring your completed Camping Authorization Form and Block Map, and pick up any additional information pertinent to your block.
Sat., July 28 (10:00 am — 12:00 noon)
Blocks with unsettled negotiations are seen by Land Office staff for dispute resolution.
Sun., July 29 (10:00 am — 12:00 noon)
Land distribution for single campers and those groups not pre-registered.
Land Office open for assistance and questions.

Land Agent Procedure Summary

  1. Read all information on the Land pages, and look closely at the maps since the blocks may have changed from last year.
  2. Register your group.
  3. The Land Office will e-mail Land Agents their block assignments on July 7. If you do not receive a notice by then, contact Land Staff.
  4. Once you get your block assignment, contact the other Land Agents also assigned to your block. Try to work out which area of the block each group will camp in prior to arrival at Pennsic. This has worked well in the past and saves everyone time on Land Grab day.
  5. Troll opens on Friday, July 27, 2018 at 9:00 am. No one will be allowed onto the battlefield or into the campground without going through Troll first. Do not arrive prior to 9:00 am; the staff will not be ready for you.
  6. After checking in at Troll, Land Agents walk to the Land Office (in the Great Hall) to check in with the Land Office, pick up any additional information pertinent to your block. Bring your completed Camping Authorization Form and Block Map. Once you have checked in with the Land Office, you may walk your land and talk to the Land Agents from your block. The Land Office will be open Friday, July 27, 2018 from 9:00 am until 11:00 pm and on Saturday, July 29 from 8:00 am — 6:00 pm. You must check in with Troll and the Land Office by 10:00 am on Saturday.
  7. You will be allowed to camp Friday night on the battlefield / parking lot. NO fires are permitted on the battlefield.
  8. All Land Agents must sign one block map indicating where their group is camping. You will also be required, if so noted on your block assignment email, to set aside unallocated land in your block for single campers. Single camper space must be clearly shown on the map. Single campers must have clear access to a main road. Registered groups may not save single camper space for people arriving at a later date.
  9. If you cannot come to an agreement on group placement on your block, submit your block to Land Staff for binding arbitration.
  10. Your final approved map will be used for: informational purposes; to resolve disputes; and by the Public Safety department.
  11. Once the block map has been approved, you and all your party who have gone through Troll will receive authorization to drive into the campground.
  12. Rope off the perimeter of your land allocation and post your camping authorization form at the entrance in a waterproof container. Note: It is important that you rope off your encampment as it makes it easier for single campers to find unused land left in a block.
  13. Once all this is finished, set up your camp and enjoy Pennsic!

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