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Construction Projects

While structures may add to the general ambiance of the Pennsic site, please be aware of the following rules when planning a construction project.
  1. No structure may be taller than 16 feet.
  2. Construction projects shall be defined as any non-tent structures, including but not limited to gates, towers, houses, scaffolding, etc.
  3. Guy ropes for any structures in camping or merchant areas must be staked within the boundaries of Cooper’s Lake Campground. No ropes may pass over or through fence lines along local, County or State roads.
  4. All construction projects may be inspected on site by the Division of Zoning and Planning.
  5. Cooper’s Lake Campground Management and the appropriate Pennsic War Staff reserves the absolute right to order dismantled any construction projects which, in their judgment, are deemed unsafe, unsightly and/or pose an unacceptable risk of injury and/or property damage.
If you have questions, contact the Land Staff. **Please Note. The email address for Pennsic Zoning and Planning has been changed to Please remove any old options you may have saved in your browser or email client as those accounts have been deactivated as of 2018.

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